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[TVXQ] 20110318 TVXQ sigue arriba con ‘Before U Go’ en Music Bank

TVXQ empezó con su retorno al escenario dos meses atras con su canción agresiva 'Kep your head Down'. Despues de un intensivo circulo de promociones, los chicos toman un tiempo de descanso ara recargar sus baterias, y ahora ellos regresan para hacer saltar/acelerar los corazones una vez más.

En el episodio de hoy de Music Bank , TVXQ interpretó 'Before U Go', el título de su album repackaged.
Demostrando que ellos se mantienen en la cima , en sus ocho años de carrera, Yunho y Changmin entregaron una presentacion de movimientos del emocional track R&B.

Cred: Allkpop.
Trad: Usagis.

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[TVXQ] Homin come back 6 January 2011

I am so happy to see HoMin activites :D!

I am proud of them and I am so happy that they keep figthing for their dreams ^^, I follow the news and all about them :D
and I hope some day they come back as 5 ... I know it's not easy but i have the hope ♥ and my heart is waiting for them .

And I just wanna say that cassies are mean to be for 5 stars not for just 3, i am thinking that HoMin protect TVXQ name and I am pretty sure that they wanna TVXQ as 5 .

I belive in TVXQ ♥

Me ;D

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[Vid] (English Trans) 20101010 東方神起 ペルーの番組 ♪~/TVXQ & Super Junior en Cinescape

Yesterday :) (09.10.10)

The globalization and technological advances have made today we can hear groups from all over the world, even to have fan clubs in our country, no matter the bands  come from the Far East as these two groups that we present continuation (next)

Dong Bang Shin Ki consolidated their success gradually getting very famous in just a few months and becoming the number one in their country of origin because of their originality and charisma that they shown in all their perfomences, their popularity was so big that they expanded their success to other countries in Asia like China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan they even translate his name as Tohoshinki in same Dong Bang Shin Ki means " Gods borns of the East", also known as TVXQ, the boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki have made a rotund global success, have achieved the largest fan club  in all history  with more than 800,000 members, Xiah Yunho Micky Hero Max have become have become practically in national heroes  participating in movies, dramas and TVshows , because that we can realize that their fame will continue for many years.

Super Junior also from South Korea and have 13 members among with actors DJs and stars singers,  who have managed to break the chains of language to conquer the entire Asian continent and expand his fame as far away as our country.
SJ account today with 4 Albums being the most recent BONAMANA, whose single presentation had a million hits on YouTube in just one day after the "premier". Have participated in live performances, collaborations with other artists, Japanese versions of his works, participation in the soundtracks of many dramas and repackage versions of all his previous productions, bringing the surprise of a new track or an extra that fans should not miss.
Not content with the music world SJ aventured into film, in 2007 with their comedy "Attack on the Pin-up boys", where the member Ryewook was nominated as best actor for his performance.

As we see pop fever comes not only from North America or United Kingdom and Australia , is that the great continent of Asia is beginning to show the rest of the world their figures capable of generate the same level of teenage hysteria that the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber.

Bruno says: Well all these bands are subject to a little under the format of the boys bands. Guys who sing and dance and it seems that even in our country there are a lot of fans who obviously now, thanks to Internet , YouTube and all that, are updated of what happens across the world. Nop surprise me that some promoter(Event organizer) bring some of these bands in our country why not?.

Video: TVXQPERU5@youtube
Cred Trans: Usagi

I try to subs to the video but i am slow and even don't know if my english is good lol~~~~~~~~~~~


sorry =_='

see ya~~~..

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[October 2010] TVXQ y Super Junior - Special note in Cinescape (Famous TVShow)

TVXQ and Super Junior will be mentioned in a special note on a the very well known locally (Peru) and international show: Cinescape.

Cinescape is a program dedicated to films/Movies and entertainment, "Bruno Pinasco' is the master of this show and has been a special guest at many international events such as carpet CampRock2 also annually go to LA for the Academy Awards (The Oscars)others times  MTVLA, etc.

In the official page of Cinescape in  Facebook (Announce), announced that , on Saturday October 9 at 2 pm (Peruvian time) would a special of DBSK and SUJU, the Peruvian fans are excited because this is the first time that a program like Cinescape # broadcast a Kpop note , hopefully that special these two groups (which is remarkable the impact it has taken at international level) will please mainly to the fans who want  TVXQ and Suju have recognition as one of the best Asian groups.

Fuente: Cinescape facebook.
This note is write by me: usagilicious
Shared by: TVXQPerú forums/TPF facebook.

I'm not sure but i think Cinescape can see in other countrys in LatinAmerican . but this is the link to watch online :


TVXQ y Super Junior será mencionados en una nota especial en un programa muy conocido a nivel local (Perú) e internacional llamado Cinescape.

Cinescape es un programa dedicado al cine y entretenimiento,  'Bruno Pinasco'(Twitter)  es el conductor de este programa y ha sido invitado especial en varios eventos internacionales como la alfombra de CampRock2, además de ir anulamente a las entrega de los Oscars (The Oscars), MTVLA, etc.

En la pagina oficial  de facebook  , Cinescape anuncia que el sábado 09 de octubre a las 2 p.m. (hora peruana) pasarían un especial de DBSK y SUJU, las fans peruanas están emocionadas porque es la primera vez que un programa como Cinescape pase una nota de onda Kpop, esperemos que el especial de estos dos grupos (que es notable el impacto que ha tenido a nivel internacional) sea del agrado principalmente de las fans que quieren un que TVXQ y Suju tengan un reconocimiento como mejores grupos asiáticos.

Fuente: Cinescape facebook.
this note is write by me: usagilicious
Shared by: TVXQPerú forums/TPF facebook.

[2010.10.06] [TRANS Enlgish/Español/Italian] Changmin Interview - Goodbye Excellent Student!


November Edition - Nikkei Entertainment

Q: What did you eat today?
A:(looks at the food prepared by the staff) It's become meat and vegetable over rice (laugh).

Q:What type of alcohol do you like drinking?
A:Beer, cold beer. But if I go to drinking places, I would have Soju and listen to rock music.

Q:What's the most recent item that you bought?
A:Not too long ago, a PS3. It broke, but because it was so fun to play, I bought it.

Q:What games do you play?
A:Although I like RPG, I also like sport ones like "Winning Eleven" (a soccer game)

Q:What do you play in RPG?
A:Final Fantasy.

Q:So you're really good at games?
A:I used to be really good at "Winning Eleven", but because I didn't play it during the time that I filmed my drama, I became a lot weaker. My friend practiced day and night without sleep at that time (laugh).

Q:What music do you listen to now?
A:Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment". I'm also obsessed with Band music. Not only do I listen to the music from rock bands, but also from a variety of bands with different genres.

Q:Do you still play musical instruments?
A:I'm learning the guitar by myself.

Q:What Japanese artist do you like?
A:Ever since the beginning, B'z. I really like them.

Q:If a girl were to give you jewelry, what would you want?
A:Although I may be thought of as rustic, for me, I would choose a necklace.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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Edición Noviembre - Entretenimiento Nikkei

Q: ¿Qué comiste hoy?
A: (Mira la comida preparada por el personal) Es carne y vegetales con arroz (risas)

Q: ¿Qué tipo de alcohol te gusta beber?
A: Cerveza, cerveza fría. Pero si voy a bares, debo tener Soju y escuchar música rock.

Q: ¿Qué es lo más reciente que has comprado?
A: No hace mucho un PS3(Play Station3) .Está roto, pero  porque fue divertido jugar , lo compre.

Q: ¿Qué juegos juegas?.
A: Aunque me gusta RPG, tambien me gusta el deporte, uno como "Winning Eleven"( videojuego de fútbol para PlayStation)

Q: Que es lo que juegas en RPG?
A: Final Fantasy.

Q: Entonces ti eres bueno en los juegos.
A: Solía ser muy bueno en "Winning eleven", pero no lo he jugado durante el tiempo que filmaba el drama. Me volví muy débil. Mi amigo praticó día y noche sin dormir en ese tiempo (risas)

Q: Qué musica escuchas ahora?
A: Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment".  Tambiéne stoy obsesionado con música de banda. No sólo escucho musica de bandas de rock, tmabien de variedad de bandas con diferentes géneros.

Q: Sigues tocando instrumentos musicales?
A: Estoy aprendiendo a tocar guitarra por mi mismo.

Q: ¿Que artista japonés te gusta?
A: Desde el principio B'Z. De verdad me gustan.

Q: Si una chica te da una joya, cuák es la que quisieras?
A: Aunque paresca rústico, para mí, escogeria un collar.

Español: usagilicious.

Q: Che cosa hai mangiato oggi?
A: (vedi il cibo preparato dal personale) è di carne e verdure con riso (risate)

D: Che tipo di alcool ti piace bere?
A: birra, birra freddo. Ma se vado al bar, ho Soju e musica rock.

D: Qual è la cosa più recente che hai comprato?
A:. Non molto tempo fa una PS3 (Play Station3), è rotto, ma è stato divertente da giocare, acquistarlo.

D: Quali giochi si gioca?.
A: Mi piace RPG, anche  mi piace lo sport, uno chiamado "Winning Eleven" (gioco di calcio per PlayStation)

D: Cosa si fa a giocare RPG?
A: Final Fantasy.

D: Quindi tu sei bravo a giochi.
A: E 'usato per essere molto bravi a "Winning Eleven", ma non ho giocato ai tempi delle riprese del dramma. Sono diventato molto debole. Il mio amico pratica giorno e notte senza dormire,in quel momento(risate)

D: Che musica ascolti ora?
A: Adam Lambert di "For Your Entertainment". Anche Stoy ossessionato dalla musica bandistica. Non solo ascoltare musica rock band, anche una varietà di band con generi diversi.

D: Lei continua a suonare uno strumento musicale?
R: Sto imparando a suonare la chitarra da solo.

D: Cosa ti è piaciuto artista giapponese?
R: Sin dall'inizio B'z. Mi piace molto.

D: Se una ragazza ti dà una gemma, qua è quello che si desidera?
A: Anche se paresca rustico per me, avrebbe scelto una collana.

Italian by: usagilicious.

Sorry for my italian T_T....

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[06.10.2010] Scans TVXQ - Important journal in Perú 'El Comercio'

This is from 04.10.2010

Please full credits:
Fuente: El comercio
Creds: noni@TPF/TVXQPerú

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[17.09.2010] 정엽, '러브 유' 공개직후 2NE1-이승기-동방신기3인 제치고 1위

[티브이데일리=조의지 기자] 브라운아이드소울(정엽 나얼 영준 성훈)의 리더 정엽의 두 번째 단독 싱글 '러브 유(Love you)'가 17일 공개하자마자 팬들로부터 뜨거운 반응을 보이고 있다.

17일 공개된 '러브 유'는 꿈속에서 함께 길을 걷는 연인의 따스하고 달콤한 그림이 그려진 프로포즈 곡이다.

피아노 선율만으로 그려내는 멜로디가 인상적인 '러브 유'는 피아노와 정엽의 목소리 외에 다른 악기의 필요성을 전혀 느낄 수 없다. 피아노 연주는 정엽의 소울 메이트인 에코브릿지가 함께 했다.

'러브 유'를 접한 누리꾼은 "오직 정엽만이 표현할 수 있는 노래다", "노래를 들으니 여자친구에게 잘해줘야겠다", "결혼식 때 듣고 싶다" 등 뜨거운 반응을 표하고 있다.

소속사 산타뮤직은 "2NE1 이승기 동방신기3인의 음원과 같은 시기에 공개 됐지만 공개 첫날 아침부터 포털사이트에서 1위를 차지하는 등 상위권을 유지 하고 있어 좋은 출발인 것 같다"고 전했다.

한편 정엽은 내달 초 사랑을 노래한 '러브 유'와 반대로 이별의 공허함을 노래한 '위드아웃 유(without you)'를 연이어 공개하고 10월 23일, 24일 경희대 평화의 전당에서 단독 콘서트를 가질 예정이다.

[티브이데일리=조의지 기자]


[News] Korean drama goes global on YouTube

YouTube and Korean production company Group Eight are forging Hallyu history with their pact to produce and launch the video-sharing website’s first global-scale, exclusive TV-style drama.

Group Eight, the company behind the smash hit series “Boys Over Flowers,” is looking to extend the life of their drama “Naughty Kiss” which is currently airing on MBC by launching a special version of it into the YouTube stratosphere.

Under the deal Group Eight will create seven, never-before-seen, 10-minute long episodes of “Naughty Kiss” exclusively for YouTube.

Since YouTube caters to a global audience, such a partnership offers a number of benefits for the production company.

Group Eight does not need to sell its series to each country’s distributors nor does the company need to vie for a highly coveted timeslot on a major broadcasting network. By airing via YouTube, they can go straight to their target audience.

“I feel like the head of a broadcasting network,” Group Eight CEO Song Byeong-joon said at a press conference on Wednesday. “It takes a load off.”

Lee Won-jin, Asia Managing Director of YouTube’s parent company Google, revealed a long-term vision toward what he considers a first step.

“We are developing a new model for distributing dramas,” Lee, also head of Google Korea, said.

An official YouTube “Naughty Kiss” channel will open in October where users can check out promotional videos, music videos, making-of-the-series clips and participate in special events. Then, between late October and early November, after MBC’s “Naughty Kiss” airs its final episode, the special series will be launched.

Group Eight’s Song said the series would not be a repeat of the MBC version, adding that unaired episodes from the original comic book series and brand new stories will be used to create the special edition.

Subtitles, said Google’s Lee, may be provided by YouTube at first and or may invite users to translate the series collectively.

Since YouTube currently has domains in 24 countries and 24 hours worth of footage is being uploaded by the minute as of March, the “Naughty Kiss” special edition may pave the way for future YouTube and other made-for-Internet dramas.

For now, however, Group Eight might just be hoping that YouTube’s “Naughty Kiss” fares better than the network version, which has been bringing in average viewer ratings of around 3 percent for its first four episodes.

MBC’s “Naughty Kiss” is a spin-off of the late Kaoru Tada’s Japanese comic book series “Itazura na Kiss,” which sold a whopping 30 million copies and was remade into both a Taiwanese and Japanese TV drama and an animated series.

“Boys Over Flowers” heartthrob and SS501 boy band leader Kim Hyun-joong is playing the lead alongside “Bad Boy” starlet Jung So-min.

By Jean Oh (


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100911 SMT 상해콘 추가 직찍 (SMtown 11.09.2010)

Cred: astagged.


[13.09.2010] 뮤지컬 `궁` 韓流 성공예감 Musical Goong was Warm Fuzzies..

지난 9일 저녁 서울 용산 국립중앙박물관 극장 용. 객석을 가득 메운 관객 800여 명이 갑자기 환호성을 질렀다. 객석의 절반 이상을 채운 일본인들에게서 나온 환호였다. 일본말 '스고이(멋있다)'가 연방 이어졌다.

막을 올린 지 이틀째인 뮤지컬 '궁'의 주인공 동방신기 소속 유노윤호(사진)에 대한 반응이었다. 관객들은 출연자 소개 마지막 순서 때 황태자 복장의 유노윤호를 보고 탄성을 지른 것. 뮤지컬에서도 불 수 있는 한류 바람의 가능성을 여실히 보여준 현장이었다. 뮤지컬 '궁'은 매경미디어그룹과 그룹에이트가 일본ㆍ중국 등 아시아 시장을 겨냥해 공동으로 제작한 한류 프로젝트다.

출연진 선정ㆍ제작 단계에서부터 관심이 집중됐다. 국내외에 100만명을 넘는 팬그룹을 갖고 있다는 유노윤호가 주인공을 맡으면서 공연 전부터 외국에서 문의가 쏟아졌다. 두 달 전인 7월 8일 시작된 티켓 판매는 불과 2분 만에 매진돼 '궁'에 대한 높은 관심을 반영했다. 공연은 10월 24일까지 계속된다.

bad trans =_= but you have a idea lol

The musical 'GOONG' of the TVXQ member U-Know Yunho (photo) was a reaction . About the performers the audience when the final order costumes prince's trip, the elasticity of the Yoonho Uknow report. Fire in the musical possibilities of a wave wind field show was evident. Musical 'Goong' hollow Media Group and a group of eight Asian markets including Japan and China, aimed at joint project of the wave produced.